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Service Scope -- Automated Forecasting Systems

Individual Card Positioning and tracking as well as redemption and breakage rates
Automated adjustments of portfolio numbers to reflect forecasted redemptions
Forecasted Redemptions
Forecasted Churn
Forecasted Breakage broken down by Arithmetic, Slope Determined and Terminal
Breakage Drift Analysis
Breakage Consistency Analysis
Variance Analysis - Forecast vs. Actual
Statistics supported solutions for derecognizing remote card payables
Statistics supported solutions for earnings recognition from remote card payables
Derecognized Card Reports
Active Card Payable Ledger Reports -- FASB-140
Inactive Card Payable Ledger Report -- FASB-5
Bridged and tied accounting to the transaction processing data of record
Periodical reassessment and resetting of forecasts
Our client´s data is regularly processed to provide comprehensive updated monthly reports of foregoing metrics

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