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Compliance designs must be efficiently and effectively implemented
Implementation requires effective application of design decisions and hundreds of compliance variables to massive volumes of cards
Earnings and escheat related accounting entries must bridge and tie to the processor's data of record as well as company level accounting - Accounting must be completed frequently and on a regular basis
Changes in laws and facts must be implemented and should be automated and seamless if possible
Compliance tasks, such as escheat notices and state filings, must be efficiently completed as required
Responses to regulatory inquiries and audits should be supported by technology on a per card basis
Customer service should be provided to card owners and should be supported by technology on a per card basis
Card security concerns, such as PCI compliance, should be considered and addressed in the technology solution
Real or near real time implementation of compliance solutions should be used to avoid problems resulting from delay
Decision makers should be given near real time as well as periodic visibility of the impact of implemented solutions along with pertinent forecasts
Data should be archived as required by law and for compliance
Automation is preferable to manual implementation and should be compatible with existing transaction processing systems
Compliance implementation requires technology-driven solutions built by processing specialists for use by clients and their transaction processors

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